Interview: “What is Podcasting and New Media” – with Paul Colligan

I just got off the phone with Paul Colligan of Podcast Secrets where we were talking about podcasting and new media and taking YOUR content and putting it in the hands of your listeners on their terms. We also talked about his upcoming Podcast Secrets course with Alex Mandossian that starts April 22nd.

It’s an entertaining and lively call, as Paul and I discuss Podcasting, New Media, and my Podcast Secrets Mastermind Group that I’m now forming.

Here are some of the things we talked about on the call:

– what is a podcast ?

– What is “New Media” ?

– what equipment do I need to Podcast ?

– how do you decide between a free podcast and a paid podcast ?

– how do you make money from podcasting ?

– What is the difference between a teleseminar and a podcast, and how do you turn a teleseminar
into a podcast ?

– Are some businesses better suited for podcasting than others? ie. can a real estate person use it?

You have 3 ways you can listen to the replay of the call!

1) You can click to play and listen here online.

[media:] Or

2) You can right click and download the .mp3 here


3) You can click the iPod below to add it to your iTunes

ipod_med_christinaIf you would like to join me in that course and go through it in my Mastermind Group, then just go to and sign up. Then let me know, and I’ll get you into the mastermind group. The mastermind group is an additional bonus for signing up. It will be 6 mastermind calls with me on the phone, leading you through the course.

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Interview: “Soft Sell Marketing” with Judith and Jim

Soft Sell Marketing is another approach to selling that does not include a hard sell.  This episode is an interview I did with Judith and Jim of which is an event that I’m doing coming up this weekend in Los Angeles.

Click below to listen to this 1 hour interview.

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Episode #4 – “Keep Your Offers Simple”

In this podcast episode #4 of the Shopping Cart Podcast, Christina Hills , talks about keeping your offers simple when selling online.  It’s tempting to make things complicated, because there are so many options when setting up an online store.  But the more options you give people, the more complicated it will be to not only you, but to your potential customers.

(If you don’t have a shopping cart account, you can open a new one here)

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Playing with Audio and Blogging

I’d like to interrupt this podcast blog to play around with some audio.

I got into podcasting because I love teaching via audio.  I love it because I find it’s much easier for me to teach you, if I can explain something by speaking vs writing.

Well, I’ve been using the Instant Teleseminar Event system, and I thought I’d play around with placing the audio code here in my podcast blog

So here is the replay to my recent teleseminar I did on the 
"Five Fatal Online Mistakes People Make When Starting Online"

(Note: You can get the handout that goes with this audio by going here. )

To find out more about adding audio like this to your website or blogs, just go to

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Episode #3 – “The Difference Between a ShoppingCart, a Gateway, and a Merchant Account”

In this podcast episode #3 of the Shopping Cart Podcast, Christina Hills , that’s me, talks about the difference between a shopping cart, a gateway, and a merchant account. And, why you need all three.

When you setup an online store, it’s important to have a good Merchant Account company.
I can help you get that.  Just go to and you will see
the rates and a form to contact me to help you get going with a Merchant Account and Gateway Account.

And……if you work with me to get those accounts, I’ll do the hookup integration for you!
PLUS…you can get a complimentary membership in my Club

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