About Christina Hills

Christina Hills, “The Shopping Cart Queen,” helps small business owners add the ecommerce engine to their web sites so that they can sell online, track their orders and follow up with their prospects more effectively.

Christina Hills has been working professionally in the field of computer graphics since 1985. She combines a programming skill with an eye for detail in her work. She holds a Bachelor Degree from Boston University with a major in Computer Science and Art History.

She started out in Los Angeles working on television broadcast commercials and spent four years as an animator for the network promotions division of NBC-TV in Burbank, CA.

She spent five years as a senior technical director at George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic in Marin County, CA. There she worked on films such as Star Wars: Episode I, Jurassic Park II (The Lost World), The Perfect Storm, ET the Extra Terrestrial (re-release), Twister, Mars Attacks!, and more.


One Response to About Christina Hills

  1. Christina,

    I knew you were a bright star!!!

    But had no idea what you had accomplished…

    You need to brag a bit more to those of us who care & are yet oblivious to your amazing successes in this world.

    Good for YOU!

    You are appreciated, Lynda Nurenberg

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