Podcast #2 – “Avoid Bad Email Marketing”

Woo Hoo!  The second episode is ready!  And, I got a microphone I’m recording from, instead of a telephone.  Compare it to episode #1 and you will hear a difference

In this second podcast episode of the Shopping Cart Podcast, Christina Hills , that’s me, talks about some simple things you can do to avoid bad email marketing.
If people don’t read your emails, they will not buy from you.  So make sure you do the simple things you need to do in order to make your emails appealing to your audience.

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Episode #1 – “Don’t Wait for Perfection!”

In this first episode of the Shopping Cart Podcast, Christina Hills talks about getting your business to move forward, by not waiting for perfection and getting hung up on technology.

You will notice in this podcast, that I’m speaking through a telephone, and not a microphone.  That’s because I used www.AudioGeneratorQueen.com to record this podcast!  So you don’t need to wait for perfection and have a fancy sound studio.  You can just use your telephone to create your podcasts!

These podcasts will always be short, 5-10 min tips on getting your online businesses up and running with your shopping cart and autoresponder systems.

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